Minggu, 25 Februari 2018

Whale Sharks Watching in Oslob

Do you have bucketlist? I have. A lot. And one of them is to swim with the giant whale shark, the largest fish in the world.


In the Philippines, there are 2 places popular for whale shark watching. Donsol and Oslob.

However, whale sharks in Donsol are seasonal. They only can be seen during “Butanding Season”, on April-May. While in Oslob, they are there all year long.


If you want to go for Whale Sharks watching in Oslob, here some tips:
-          From Cebu Airport, take taxi to south bus terminal (220-250 peso)
-          Take Ceres Bus to Oslob (180 peso). It takes 3-4 hrs, depends on traffic
-          Ask the driver to be dropped in Bgy Tan Awan. Whale Shark watching area is just 5 min away from the main road.
-          Come as early as possible. It opens from 6 am till lunch time. Avoid weekend as it will be flooded by tourists.
-          You can either diving or snorkeling with the Whale Sharks. But snorkeling is preferably as they tend to stay at surface.
-          Maintain the distance (5-6 meters) for your own safety. Do not touch them (not allowed)
-          You have 30min to swim with them. Make sure it counts.
-          There are accommodations (hotel, hostel) and restaurants around the whale sharks watching. Stay there if you want to catch the first boat.
-          Other things to do in Oslob after whale sharks watching: waterfalls hopping or daytrip to Sumilon Island

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