Kamis, 12 Mei 2016

One Day Trip to Karimun Jawa, Indonesia

Karimun Jawa is still my favorite weekend getaway from Jakarta by far. Some people might think the access to this hidden paradise is quite hard, but hey, it’s easy though. Bus run daily from Jakarta to Jepara every night, so does the train to Semarang. Either way, you will arrive early in the morning, just enough time to catch the first Ferry or Fast Boat to the island.

Personally, I would prefer taking Bus to Jepara since it’s more comfortable and the Bus Station is just around the corner of the Pelabuhan Kartini. More convenient way, there is Susi Air departs from Semarang or Surabaya to Karimun Jawa, every Thursday and Friday.

What to do on the island:
- Snorkeling, oh you must be amazed by the underwater beauty of Karimun Jawa. A lot of fish, healthy yet colorful corals, and really good visibility. November and December are the best months to visit the island as the weather is pretty nice. Avoid January when most of the trip in/out the island cancelled due to bad weather.

- Do "Art of Doing Nothing" on their white sand beaches, also famously known as Maldives from the east, then enjoy the spectacular view of 3 colors of ocean: light blue, green, and dark blue at the same time. If someone said you are one step closer to the heaven when you are on the beach, I couldn't agree more.

- swimming with the sharks *if only you have the gut. Believe me, it's not as easy as it looks. But after you swim with them for a while, your fear will be disappear and only fun remain.

- Simply enjoy the breathtaking sunrise and the sunset, then relax your mind. There is nothing like a beautiful sunset to end a lovely day. 

- Rent a motor bike, then explore the island. Karimun Jawa isn’t merely a beach, you may also find hills, hidden tropical forests, to mangrove conservation areas. And the view from top of the hill is just spectacular.

- Last but not least, Be culinary adventurous, try local food on its daily "pop up" night street market.


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